SEO is the set of tools and techniques that allow us to have visibility in search engines. Not making SEO mistakes is essential if we want to position ourselves in Google and obtain traffic organically. SEO is not an exact science. It is necessary to use a multitude of strategies that, in combination, will give us excellent results.

In this article, we are going to analyze what are the most common SEO mistakes that you can make with your online business, blog, or personal brand website. Even if you are not among the SEO company Thailand, don’t worry, we will do it in a way that is understandable for any reader.

What SEO Mistakes Can I Be Making?

Google is generally pretty cruel to website builders. A penalty can take us down many positions, and then it is really difficult to repair that damage. For all the above, let’s get into the matter and see what those SEO mistakes that we should avoid at all costs are.

  1. Bad Choice Of Keywords

Choosing the correct ‘keywords’ is essential to avoid SEO errors. In this regard, we must bear in mind that what is most important to Google to position a website is that we succeed in responding to the user’s search intention.

Watch out for keywords that can have multiple meanings. If we don’t choose the right keywords, we may be throwing away all the work we do, and worse, we may be positioning ourselves for the wrong niches without knowing it.

  1. Little Content

Google values that our page has a minimum of content. This minimum is 300 words. From this number, the search engine begins to consider that our website provides something of value to the user.

A rich and unique content makes people spend more time on the pages. Therefore, if our website is poor in the text, we have few opportunities to position ourselves for not saying any.

  1. Duplicate Content

Worse still than having little content is copying it. The information is free, and we can use the content of others to create our own. But it should always be as a source of inspiration, and we must draw a new text from the existing one.

If we do not do this, we will not only be telling Google that our content already exists and that it does not bring anything new, but we run the risk of creating a bad reputation for ourselves.