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If you go through the course of time since humans evolved on the earth, the major theme that has helped them is their power to communicate. Communication between humans is what had made them better beings. Communication with one another has led to the formation of families, societies, and cultures. And you can find all this evidence through the course of history. And the major theme of communication has been language. Language has made it possible for humans to not only communicate but also express their own feelings. However, as time is not stagnant, the theme of language is that it is always evolving. And this evolution of language has led to the creation of different languages.

How important is the English language in today’s world?

If you look at the data, you will see that there are more than a thousand different languages present on the earth. Different people from different regions of the world speak different languages. This has brought a great level of diversity in human society and cultures across the globe. However, if you are to select one language that can be considered as an international language, it would be English. English is the most widely spoken and practiced language in the world. A greater understanding of English can help you in establishing yourself as a relatively cultured human in today’s setup. That is to say, in today’s world, learning English is a must. Because if you learn English, you can have better chances of communicating with people from almost every part of the world, which is really important for many professions.

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