Our definitive list of translation tools

As we have just seen, the call for native translators is essential, the purpose of the translation being to restore the message of the sender by rendering all its subtleties with high precision. It is not a question of translating word for word. A native translator, since he has generally been immersed in his language and culture since birth, can see and understand beyond words. Indeed, the recipient of the text should not realize that these words were written by a person whose mother tongue is different from his own.

All these nuances are contained in linguistics, respect for typographic rules, turn of sentences, idioms etc.

Cultural Codes

The cultural knowledge of a native translator will allow him, for example, to choose communication media adapted for the public, that is to say, that the types of presentations vary according to the countries. When hiring English translation (จ้างแปลภาษาอังกฤษ, which is the term in Thai), the knowledge of diverse cultures is essential. The English language is widely used all over the world, hiring a native of the language with cultural codes in mind is best for business.

Promotes Trade Development

When a company uses a native translator to communicate with its customers in their original language, this can have a strong influence on them. Thus, it promotes sales and therefore, the development of the company.


For an even higher level of quality, it is also ideal to call on the services of a translator specialized in one or more fields. Thus, we obtain a pointed text in the field of finance, technical or even IT, for example.

For all these reasons, various Translation agencies work exclusively with native translators living in the country of their mother tongue. By doing this, they make sure that their clients get quality translated services with no errors.

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